Lucky or fearless?

The night before the incident, there was chaos at home. My parents aren't superstitious. But, people take irrational decisions when a loved one's life is at stake. There is a well known fortune teller in our neighbourhood in India. He has predicted the deaths of many people accurately before. This gave him credibility. The day [...]

Helping yourself vs pushing yourself

You have to understand that we have good days and bad days. Even the best people you know have bad days. Demanding yourself to have a perfect day every day of your life is simply absurd. Have you seen or heard of someone who was always at their best on all of their days? If [...]

Who takes the decisions in your life?

The level of your experiences in life depends a lot on what decisions you take at different stages. Your parents had a responsibility to take care of you when you were younger. So, they took many decisions for you. The school you attended or the neighborhood you lived in, depended on your parents. But, once [...]

The choice between emotion & logic

The choice between emotion and logic is a constant one. The heart talks to us through emotions and the brain talks to us through logic. Most of you would agree with "We should listen to what your heart says," isn't it? Strangely, we all secretly want someone to say this to us. It would just [...]