The faith of the chicken and the dog

Animals are lovable we say. It is so untrue. Reality is humans have the ability to love. What it loves can be anything. But, it simply is a reflection of itself. "I love my dog", said Charlie. "Why?", I asked "Because my dog is loyal and very friendly", said Charlie. If the dog wasn't loyal [...]

Quit Procrastinating: 5 Reasons to quit early

These are some of the conversations I have had when I took the decision to quit before having a foolproof plan. "Quit after you have enough savings! Don't jump into situations. " "Why do you want to take the most stressful way out? Why can't you wait for the perfect idea to pop into your [...]

The choice between emotion & logic

The choice between emotion and logic is a constant one. The heart talks to us through emotions and the brain talks to us through logic. Most of you would agree with "We should listen to what your heart says," isn't it? Strangely, we all secretly want someone to say this to us. It would just [...]