Possibility in dreaming

"I am in my car in the middle of this busy street. The signal is red and there is a lot of traffic. I felt impatient. When I changed the gear, suddenly, I was able to fly above all the cars in front like magic. It felt so real." This is a dream my mom [...]

Why do you wake up in the morning?

You need to have clarity on why you wake up every morning. People do not think about this until they come into a crisis situation. This is a bad time to confront getting clarity in your life. Nonetheless, there will be something in your life which will bring you to question why do you need [...]

Quit Procrastinating: 5 Reasons to quit early

These are some of the conversations I have had when I took the decision to quit before having a foolproof plan. "Quit after you have enough savings! Don't jump into situations. " "Why do you want to take the most stressful way out? Why can't you wait for the perfect idea to pop into your [...]

Who takes the decisions in your life?

The level of your experiences in life depends a lot on what decisions you take at different stages. Your parents had a responsibility to take care of you when you were younger. So, they took many decisions for you. The school you attended or the neighborhood you lived in, depended on your parents. But, once [...]