Why do we always say that "people fall in love?" What is love? Is it the same as romantic attachment to someone? Mmm...Not exactly... but... Romantic attachment is a part of what we call love. You can be in love and you can fall in love. So love is like a room you can enter [...]

Intellect’s ability to objectify and add feelings to objects

When you see a child who doesn't know his name, he doesn't have the ability to objectify or use his intellect completely. The ego or the identity part of it is still not completely developed. At least not to the extent of communicating it to others. A child's first ability to objectify comes when he [...]

Self Worth: 5 ways to value yourself the right way

One pleasant morning, Mark was off to work, completely confident and happy. There was no reason to not be happy. He had a job he loved and had friends and family he loved very much. He reaches work and found out something that completely killed his self worth. His colleague who started with him had [...]