The problem with making the right decision

We are without doubt the most comfortable generation. But, we are also the most anxious, depressed and suicidal generation. What is even more disturbing is the fact that people in the so called wealthy communities seem to be doing worse than the average man who is just trying to make a living. You know the [...]

Intellect’s ability to objectify and add feelings to objects

When you see a child who doesn't know his name, he doesn't have the ability to objectify or use his intellect completely. The ego or the identity part of it is still not completely developed. At least not to the extent of communicating it to others. A child's first ability to objectify comes when he [...]

Helping yourself vs pushing yourself

You have to understand that we have good days and bad days. Even the best people you know have bad days. Demanding yourself to have a perfect day every day of your life is simply absurd. Have you seen or heard of someone who was always at their best on all of their days? If [...]

Who takes the decisions in your life?

The level of your experiences in life depends a lot on what decisions you take at different stages. Your parents had a responsibility to take care of you when you were younger. So, they took many decisions for you. The school you attended or the neighborhood you lived in, depended on your parents. But, once [...]