The problem with making the right decision

We are without doubt the most comfortable generation. But, we are also the most anxious, depressed and suicidal generation. What is even more disturbing is the fact that people in the so called wealthy communities seem to be doing worse than the average man who is just trying to make a living. You know the [...]

Know who you are to achieve your maximum potential

If I asked you if today was an awesome day or a bad day, what would you say? If you say you had an "okay" day, you are dodging the question. If the answer is "awesome day", what did you do to make it that way? If the answer is "bad day", what did you do to make it that way? Simply answering this question everyday and changing your actions to make every day awesome is possible.

Why downplay something that you want?

She was just back to meet me for a coffee after an interview. She looked like she really wanted the job. There was this overly excited face expression mixed with a touch of nervousness when she spoke. I knew her for a very long time. I knew that she really wanted the job for some [...]

How to reach the maximum potential within?

Imagine a conversation between 2 people, the bond strengthens in the moment you decide you want to simply spent as much time as you can with the other person. Time is the most valuable resource we have. The moment you are ready to give that up to be with someone, you know that a bond [...]