Why do we always say that “people fall in love?”

What is love? Is it the same as romantic attachment to someone? Mmm…Not exactly… but… Romantic attachment is a part of what we call love.

You can be in love and you can fall in love. So love is like a room you can enter by yourself or by mistake

Although I wouldn’t call it a mistake, if you did fall in love.

True mistake is not falling in love.

The true mistake is thinking…thinking that the reason you have reached this space called love is because of another person.

If you and I meet and we fall in love

I would assume you had love

because I didn’t have it before I met you

but you say you never had it either…

Once we look at it carefully, we see the fallacy

now we know for sure there is something greater

than our individual egos at play.

So there is a space called love

that’s all we know for sure

So you and I try to understand the puzzle of love

The only way to know you say is ask questions

And so I ask, “What else do we know?”

We know that love makes life beautiful

Time flies

you smile at strangers

you want to dance

you want to jump as high as you can

and when an ant comes crawling up the window

you still look at it and smile

because love makes you feel you want to live forever

and nothing else matter but love.

Imagine everyone around us finding this space called love.

You and I agree that it would be beautiful to live in this space called love.

Then the world would be in love

and everyone would be smiling at strangers

and happy no matter what

Everyone would care

and then what, you might ask?

Maybe, another room might open up

what do we call this new space?

Let’s call it “compassion”.

Let’s all agree on this name

because we are all in love.

Let’s all agree that it doesn’t matter what you understood

because as long as you feel it running inside you

then how beautiful would it be?

It started with you and I

and slowly I would disappear

because there would be no room for ego

and maybe we would leave the ants alone.

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