Sometimes people add a narrative to their life. It is almost comical when the narrative is set by someone else for you.

Humans are strange. They need to give meaning to everything that happens to them or around them. My father is to blame for some, if not all of it. ” Every man has a purpose and you are going to be the greatest musician in the world!” he repeated, everytime he looked into my eyes. This was what I remember of my earliest memories.

So, my journey to become a musician began with positive affirmations. When I was two, both of my parents made sure that every kind of music was available in the house for me to hear. They believed this would help develop a sense of tone and rhythm early on. My father had read about Mozart. It seems his father was also a musician who got him into training all sorts of musical instruments before he was 5; I suppose only the ones his little fingers could hold on to.

All my classmates knew about it. They found it odd. When I asked them what their purpose was, most of them said they wanted to be policemen. But, some of my closer mates told me secretly “My father wants me to be an engineer.” Sam and Franko didn’t want to be engineers. Mostly because both of them didn’t really know what that meant.

My music teacher didn’t believe in my dad’s “purpose” for me. He never said it; but somehow I knew whenever he flinched when I tapped the strings of the guitar. It almost felt like his purpose was to not make me a musician. I talked to Franko and Sam about it during one of our breaks. He was not the brightest of my friends, but he had tiny sparks of wisdom to share from time to know, I still don’t know if he meant it. But I did what he asked.

Finally when I had the courage to ask my dad, I asked, ” What is your purpose dad?”. I was around 9 when I asked him that. He looked at me and stuck to his pre rehearsed lines. ” To become the father of the greatest musician of this era!” He said it proudly and loudly. I believed it during the time.

After 20 years, I have got much more clarity on the subject of purpose of life. Sam turned out to be an engineer and he hates it. Franko became a musician although he wanted to be a policeman and his dad wanted him to be an engineer. He turned out to be unemployed. I didn’t end up becoming a musician. At least my music teacher’s purpose was fulfilled. I am glad.

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