A glorious race

The glorious race of life
is filled with hardships
but the beauty of the race
can only be seen to the ones who seek to see…

A race had begun,

a long time ago.

To win a race,

you need to run the miles.

As I saw you running to step ahead of me

I ask, why do you run?

Do you run to win,

or do you run to just reach the finish line.

Between the deep breathing

and the thoughts of victory,

did you forget,

that the race cannot be won

or that the finish line is death?

You say, All the people were running when I started

so it was obvious that you had to run

Now you keep running

running to belong

running for great glory

I ask, When will you realize

that the glory cannot be felt

as long as you are running

And if you ask

Why do you still keep running?

I say, I won’t stop running

because there is glory at the finish line

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