Break character

Remember the time you were a kid and you got angry due to some argument with a friend. After a while you might have realized the reason for the argument doesn’t really matter, but you don’t break character by keeping your angry face on for longer not really knowing why?

Not breaking character is an interesting behaviour we exhibited as kids. But, some people carry it along with them as long as they are alive. It is irrational yet we cannot help it when our emotions get the best of us.

“Sticking to your guns” means to hold tight to your beliefs even if others oppose it. This can have a negative or a positive effect depending on the situation. Not Breaking character on the other hand, is simply irrational and it’s meant to have negative impact to both you and your friend.

If you ask yourself, “Am I behaving in my best interest by doing this?” Definitely the answer is no if you have a part of you that does not want to cause unwanted chaos around you. Otherwise stay irrational. I can’t help you.

I have a few solutions…

There are 2 ways to get to the end of the argument.

Method 1

Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

One is to talk it out for minutes, hours or even days at times until you can finally laugh about it until you accept that you are getting irrational to the other person and apologize for the inconvenience you have caused him or her.

Method 2

Image by Milan Permadi from Pixabay

The second is you both stop talking to each other to show your disapproval until one day you accept that you are getting irrational to the other person and apologize for the inconvenience you have caused him or her.

The first method is what is considered the more rational method compared to the second. But either of those options are not in you best interest in the short run and you know it.

It is harder when both you and friend both get irrational. Now, you feel that if you apologize you are accepting the other person’s madness. But you don’t want to stay mad forever as you want to spend quality time with this person.

Method 3 (Yes this is the last one)

There is a third method in this case. Say ” I hate the fact that we are wasting precious time we both get to spend now to prove some stupid point which has no impact really on our lives. Let’s accept that we disagree and break character…”

Immediately the response might be negative. But, if the other person values you enough and is mature enough, they will come around much faster than waiting for days without talking to prove some lame point.

Break character. Stop holding onto it to prove you have a bigger ego. Unless that’s the point you want to make.

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