Possibility in dreaming

I am in my car in the middle of this busy street. The signal is red and there is a lot of traffic. I felt impatient. When I changed the gear, suddenly, I was able to fly above all the cars in front like magic. It felt so real.

This is a dream my mom has which seems to constantly repeat. She keeps telling me how fascinating it is. The dream is really intriguing. She never sees more nor does she understand why.

When someone tells you they had a dream, there is a tendency to find meaning to it. Let me propose a different way to look at it.

Your conscious mind has thoughts in the form of images and words running constantly when you are awake. Maybe, just maybe, your subconscious mind has thoughts running through you. The truth is constantly both the conscious mind and the subconscious mind together fire thoughts at you when you are awake. They might not be clear when you are awake as you obviously give preference to your conscious mind to be ‘realistic‘. Your conscious mind is active when all your senses are active. When you are sleeping, your conscious mind is taking a step back. Just like you call shotgun when you know you have to power to get into the front seat, now the subconscious mind gets to call shotgun.

Thoughts and images make no sense. Sometimes you see things which you would never even consider when you are awake. Sometimes it’s almost like you are on a complete fictional adventure — in a world of unicorns and elves.

It gets even more deep when you are conscious that you are dreaming during a dream. At least some of you might have felt that during a dream. I find this to be a powerful place to be in. There is a lot of possibility in this space. Let’s venture into the possibilities to move even deeper.

When you get conscious during a dream. If it is something that scares you or a bit negative, you just think about finding an escape route within the dream state. Instead, what if you just take one step outwards and get a bird’s eye point of view? I have noticed that this is harder to do when you are having a good dream as you want to completely enjoy where it is going instead of snapping out of it.

As you are aware it is a dream and nothing really can harm you, you can try to just observe what this person (whose point of view you are enjoying) is going to do next. It might surprise you. No explanation would do justice, but you will reach a higher state of consciousness. The possibility is wide open during dreams as much as when you are awake.

Why do it when you are dreaming? Why don’t you do it when you are awake? The problem with trying to do this when you are awake is that you might not be patient itself to let yourself completely be free all the time. You have got to be ‘realistic’ right? There is also the constant interruptions due to your senses being active. For those people, here is a part of you giving you another glimpse into what the possibilities are. Instead of enjoying your character like playing a game, why don’t you experience something much greater?

If knowing what your essence is not your highest goal, then what is? You think anything else you accomplish in the outer world is more important than what you can accomplish within yourself? Stop lying to yourself. There is a part of you which wants to believe what I am saying. I make my case to you.

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