How to reach the maximum potential within?

Imagine a conversation between 2 people, the bond strengthens in the moment you decide you want to simply spent as much time as you can with the other person. Time is the most valuable resource we have. The moment you are ready to give that up to be with someone, you know that a bond is being created. Whether the conversation is in agreement or disagreement is not of relevance as the intensity between the two increases. Even if everything to be said is shared, sometimes you may feel you want to continue the conversation. Logically there is no more influx of knowledge to be obtained from the conversation. So, it should be irrelevant to be even thinking of continuing from a practical standpoint.

This is when you realize it is not the words you utter which actually makes the best interactions with another. It is the ability and the ease to be in that space with another.

The spaces between the words become more important than the words itself. Because it is more profound to be able to be connected with a person without the use of words. Words originated for a transactional purpose. Humans bonded with each other long before words were invented.

Stillness has an interesting effect. Just as the goat who does not attempt to escape when the rope tied around his neck is not really tied to the tree, when there is stillness within you, you feel an invisible thread of connection with the other person. The string does not tighten or loosen. It is just there.

When I say stillness I am not talking about the silence in the external environment around you. Rather, I refer to what is ever present within you. When you are in sync with all of it and nothing at the same time. The literal translation of the words can be less helpful the more you keep reading just like the initial example of the conversation between 2 people mentioned in the beginning.

There is a longing to know the truth or let’s call it the absolute reality. They say the absolute reality is invisible to us. As you look through a binocular, everything can look fuzzy until you refocus. Within you, there is the ability to attain clarity on the absolute reality. The truth is you need to be aware enough to refocus.

As mentioned in the Isa Upanishads, All what we experience can be considered as the visible reality. This is part of the absolute reality. Consider the absolute reality as whatever can possibly be there — The whole of existence. The piece of existence which is currently our physically visible reality on this planet is part of the absolute reality. But this doesn’t mean absolute reality is something that can actually be divided as it is unalterable.

Matter cannot be destroyed or created. But there is infinite matter. It can only exist taking different forms in different points in time. But the truth is that forms are just illusions and what is truly real is unchangeable.

We keep wanting to expand in some form continuously. This is because we are part of that which is absolute and ultimate. If you can be conscious enough to be aware of the fact that all matter including you and I are this absolute reality, then there will be no discrimination. Discrimination is needed in worldly functions to be able to utilize different forms for our benefit in our idea of keeping the body intact. In the end of the day, the body has an expiry date. This doesn’t mean the ultimate has an expiry. It is one form to another or to no form. But all of this occurs in the highest realm of the ultimate reality.

Being attached to whatever you make of your identity in your current reality or form will not lead to peace and true fulfilment. Because let’s face it, these are temporary.

If a man cannot understand this knowledge to attain absolute awareness. Then, the next best alternative is to stick to doing right deeds. Right deeds are not morally right or legally right. It is more to do with deeds done desiring no rewards or punishment but just purely. Although what is pure cannot be defined. The significance of doing the opposite, which is actions based on selfish motives will lead to further steps away from the absolute truth. This ignorance will only not occur if the same actions are performed without selfish motives. This will eventually lead to you reaching your maximum potential. But, the paradox is, if there is an intention to be superior to others then attaining maximum potential is sadly farther away from you.

To reach your maximum potential, you can not try harder. You cannot hope. You have to be in the moment completely without one thought taking you away from what is.

4 thoughts on “How to reach the maximum potential within?

    1. Yes, this definitely was the hardest and the most satisfying to write. I got a lot of negative feedback on the ending as well. All of you are right. I just included something off-topic to finally finish that post. But, I will elaborate on the ending on a separate blog. That’s for another day.

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