When Jerry ventured into my house (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of the series. Here is what happened next…

At around midnight, my movie had ended. I continued watching the next movie that started playing. I wasn’t in a mood to sleep yet. Neither was Jerry.

Jerry took a nap for some time. But, something about seeing me invading his personal space didn’t fit well with him. Jerry had a lot of buddies who were murdered by people like me. We seemed to keep finding new ways to trap them even to the ones who did no harm. He knew there were rats that made life miserable for us humans. He understood why they had to face the consequences.

But, the ones who did no harm were also being hurt. He could understand the faith of hens and goats. They get slaughtered because humans eat them. In the end of the day, life is a game of survival. Everything is eating everything to complete the cycle of nature. Humans don’t like to eat us. But, by now he knew that nature worked in one way and humans had started turning a blind eye towards this for a long time. They are the smartest beings we know, yet they sometimes forget the small things. Humans had made their own world within this world. As he sat leaning on my sister’s cupboard, he knew his solution is the only way to survive in this human dominated world. He knew rats wouldn’t have a chance against humans head on. He had a better approach to tackle this problem.

He and his buddies had principles. They stayed away from people. They even had a rule to not take leftovers that was lying around a house they went by. Part of it had to do with hearing horror stories of uncles and aunts who were trapped by humans who knew their liking for nuts and fruits. Some of them used cheese to trap them. Jerry found it silly as he was lactose intolerant. Although, he didn’t mind eating cheese occasionally as a treat.

Jerry and his good group of friends always stayed separately. They also tried to go into houses only if there is no humans in sight. He wanted to live a peaceful life.

When they want to eat, they stick to what nature has for them instead of eating cooked food or anything else that humans gather from different places. To be honest, he felt it was unethical. This way he has remained safe for a long time now. He was proud of his principles.

Now for the first time ever, Jerry broke the code. The rule was to run away from humans and not towards them. But, when Jerry saw me sitting there, He didn’t feel threatened. Something urged him to come inside. Also, his favorite room was left empty. “Was it empty for me?”, he thought as he had gone into the bedroom in the middle.

But, as he was about to sleep, Jerry felt that the other humans in the house wouldn’t be pleased in the morning if they came in and saw him. If there were good rats and bad rats, there was definitely good humans and bad humans. So, he took another short nap and at around 12.30 am, he thought it’s better if he left.

Jerry ran back out of the bedroom in the middle and into the hall where I was watching TV. He was a good distance away from me. But, this time he paused comfortably for about 10 seconds and then ran outside the same way he came in.

As I saw Jerry leave, I was relieved. He went back and that story is over. Or that’s what I thought at the time. No one needs to know about it in the morning. Everyone’s safe! As I switched off the TV and walked back to my bedroom , I couldn’t make sense of one thing. Why did he pause for such a long time? Was he taunting me? No, that’s not it.

I lied down on my bed and my mind started wandering again. My sister was asleep next to me. I looked at her and thought, “Poor girl, will she ever go back to her room tomorrow if I told her?”. “Anyways, who cares, no one needs to know what happened. Jerry left without causing chaos anyways!”. I kept replaying the scene to when he paused. His eyes were not facing me. It seemed to be facing the TV. Was he trying to watch some TV? I couldn’t help but laugh at my own stupidity. “No way, rats don’t watch TV!” I thought.

To be continued …

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