Saying what people want to hear

Being good to others and showing compassion and love to everyone around you are values that benefit all of us. But sometimes, we think saying what is appropriate is better than saying what you think is right. People have a fear of being judged for the most part.

Another person’s thoughts is out of your control. But there is a constant need to say something that the other person will agree with. The question is if you do not know what the person’s thoughts really are, who are you to judge what the other person wants to hear? Have you even entertained the other alternative?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

What’s the other alternative?

If a conversation goes exactly as you thought it would go in your head.

Was the conversation worth having?

If you have conversations with people where you simply nod your head like a dummy to seek approval, you are not adding value to yourself or to the other person. The alternative is to go into a conversation leaving aside any judgements. Just listening to another person’s views and interests and being open minded is acceptable. If they do ask your opinion, true compassion is saying you are not of that view point and reasoning why if they are ready to listen rather than simply nodding your head.

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