Are you taking action out of fear or inspiration?

Everything we do in our daily life is out of fear in one way or another. This must be a true statement for a vast majority of the people in this world.

We get up in the morning and workout afraid that we might not be able to live a long and healthy life otherwise. Your fear is that your cholesterol levels are too high during your past medical check up. Probably, the stress of balancing your cholesterol levels might kill you before the cholesterol does unless you find a way to enjoy the activity fearlessly rather than out of fearfully.

Another case is the fear of being late. We go to the office on time so that we do not want our performance review to be a lecture on punctuality.

We try to keep our room organized only when we are afraid that guests are coming over to visit us for the weekend. So, when will you ever do something out of inspiration and not fear is my question?

Be honest to yourself

Image by fujikama from Pixabay

How ridiculous is it that we are driven by fears and nothing else? This means we are not much better than any other animal that we know of on this planet. Fear is the basic level of living. If we do not grow out of it. There is no true joy in living life.

The day you are able to take initiative just based on your inspirations and not based on fear, you will be truly successful in finding joy in your life.

Because, true joy comes when you are in a state of peace. Peace is only possibly when your actions are not out of fear. It has to be motivated action not preventive action.

Change the narrative

Image by Fathromi Ramdlon from Pixabay

You can find to alter the narrative you have in your mind for the things you do to make them much more effective.

For example, you can workout by doing a sport or art form that instills qualities of growth if methodical workouts are not inspiring to you.

To wrap it up

You have a beautiful mind to be able to discover more of how the world works and how to make the elements of the world make life easier for you. Yet you suffer more today than ever before. This means technology has progressed but humans are not progressing at the level we should be.

Stop the action taken out of fear. Start an action that is out of inspiration.

We are the ones who have the biggest brains and intellectually capacity that we know of. We should be fearless. We should be inspired. We should believing the most joyful life if we just use the brains we have optimally.

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