Why do you wake up in the morning?

You need to have clarity on why you wake up every morning. People do not think about this until they come into a crisis situation. This is a bad time to confront getting clarity in your life. Nonetheless, there will be something in your life which will bring you to question why do you need to exist in this world. If you do this, there is a good chance you might actually get an answer.

Relationship between goals and the mind

A person who is barely making enough to eat everyday does not require a goal. His goals are decided by the body. For a person whose body is take care of, the mind controls them. The mind needs something to fight everyday.

If you keep the mind hungry, it will make you believe you are not enough. This is why it is important to have an aim for the long term.

Have a goal for everyday

It is important to have a long term goal and break it up into smaller chunks to make sure that you are consistently working towards getting the most potential out of you.

Everyday you need to wake up giving more challenges to your mind and body to exert to. This is the way they grow. This is the way you grow.

Wins keeps your mood in check

Your mood and your drive is affected by the amount of targets you get to achieve from time to time. To be consistent, try to keep some small wins for everyday and this way you know you are making progress. Maybe the larger goal you have might take time to take into effect. So, have smaller goals to keep your mind fixed towards your actual destination.

Do something completely different from your goal & be social

It is important to do something you enjoy doing everyday. The more it is away from your actual goals in life, the better. Creativity and imagination grows in a person when you have a wider perspective on life. It is important to keep yourself knowledgeable or active with things like reading fiction or going for hikes and other activities to ensure you get a good balance out of life.

It is equally important to keep in touch with people you love and talk to them about various aspects of your life. They might not be doing as well as you maybe. But, it is normal to get the best advice from the most unexpected of places. So keep your eyes and ears open around trustable company.

To wrap it up

Waking up every morning should be easy for anyone who has their priorities clarified. For people who have lived good lives and not faced real difficulties, there will always be a part which feels incomplete. The incompleteness goes away as you get more experiences and conquer obstacles in your life. Experiences are what help you learn and adapt to be a better version of yourself.

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