Time Machine Worth Having

Time Machine fantasy is a big one. What could we possibly do with it? This question has so many answers in so many forms. It definitely would be fascinating to be able to go back in time and see what happened. It would be even more fascinating to see the possible futures we could have. We would be able to answer all the questions we have about the past and the future. Even a small peak into any one of them would be great, right?

Photo by sergio souza from Pexels

A peak into the past

A legitimate concern people have about going back to the past is the fear that there might be a change in the present reality due to some small mistake you might make.

People got too caught up with the Butterfly Effect. A small butterfly flapping its wings in one part of the world could be the start to a hurricane in another part of the world. So, we don’t want to mess with the past for sure.

When I ask people, “What good could come out of going into the past?” 2 words are the common answer. “Kill Hitler”. Of course, that was obvious! We could have millions of innocent lives. Now, that seems very reasonable and a correct statement to make.

Another friend of mine with a Business background said” If I could go back in time, I would buy the stocks that would do well so that I can end up as a zillionaire!” Buffett would hate you for that. However, If you had a time machine to go into the past, who cared what Buffett thinks right?

Enter the Future

Photo by Alex Knight from Pexels

The truth is we are traveling into the future at a rate of one second every second. You just want to speed things up at this point. When I asked friends about why they would want to go into the future, one of my more thoughtful friends said “We could learn about all the future technology and try to incorporate it as soon as possible. This way our future would evolve much faster.” Wow! This guy really wants to do something with his life.

My friend with the Business background used it in other terms. He said ” We could go to the future and learn about what companies do really well, and come back to the present to invest in the ones that will do well!” One thing is that this guy has zero creativity. He is going to do almost the same thing if he got the chance to go back into the past or travel forward in time. I think if time machines are ever invented, people like him should not be allowed to use it. He needs to get a little more creative than that for sure!

Testing the waters…

Stephen Hawking tried to hold an experiment back in 2010 by hosting a party for time travelers. He printed out an invitation inviting all time travelers to attend with no RSVP required. The idea was if time travel was possible, people would see this invitation somewhere in the future and come back to attend the event. When no-one except Stephen Hawking at the place of the event, I guess he confirmed that time travelers didn’t exist. It was a good try, but, time travelers might have just not wanted to hangout with Stephen.

My take on the whole idea of time travel

It is definitely something that I was interested in finding out since childhood. I always was intrigued with novels about time travel. I was always disappointed for things going wrong and most of these books ended with people trying to undo what they did using the time travel machine.

Grass always looks greener on the other side. We are always unhappy with what we have and curious of what we could have instead. This is not a sadistic reality of life. It is to be taken in a more positive light. I believe, our eagerness to time travel and do other crazy things is what has caused evolution in the first place. Only if we are unhappy with the present situation, we will be interested in changing it and plan for a different tomorrow. Every day, people from around the world are aspiring to do different things. Each one of these minor actions together form the world of tomorrow. You being able to see tomorrow today, will still not ensure tomorrow is the same.

This is why I hope time traveling into the past does not happen

If you made a mistake in your life, you would want to go back in time to fix it. First, it would be for important things. Then it would be such a normal thing to do that people would keep going to the past to keep fixing everything. We have enough problems with people living in their past already. We need to move on and accept things that happened and understand why it happened to avoid causing the same mistakes again.

This is why I hope time travel into the future does not happen

If you had the ability to travel into the future, you would keep poking your nose into tomorrow. There won’t be any hope left. Not knowing what tomorrow has to offer keeps us excited about tomorrow. If we knew what tomorrow is today, we wouldn’t really care would we?

You would be simply uninterested with life altogether. Creativity and excitement from life will completely vanish and there will just be a mechanical life left. I hope this does not happen.

Our gift is the present moment

You are completely getting carried away at this point. Tomorrow and yesterday are not real. We make it up in our tiny minds. There is only one moment which we have control over experientially…..the present moment. The only moment that matters is doing what you want to do right now in the most gracious and beautiful way you can.

Nobody really thinks about the present moment in terms of the Butterfly Effect. If you do, you know that what you currently do will also have an impact on the world forever. This is a great responsibility. If we all just stand together to do the best we can with the right values, everything else really does not matter.

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