Their Marriage seems perfect!

My wife and I hate the fact that we have to say that we are married. In fact I hate the fact that I had to use the words “my wife and I” instead of something more exotic like “my lover and I”.

Obviously marriage sounds boring. It’s the legal word which binds two people together. Legal terms are not normally something we enjoy hearing.

The few months before getting married were some of the best days of my life. My friends and I went for an amazing trip to East India. The ones who didn’t come supported me till the day before I was married. Always waiting down my apartment, just for making sure I was ready for it.

Don’t forget the ones who were there when you took life changing decisions

On second thoughts, my friends really treated it like I had a terminal illness and I had just a few months to live. People who really cared showed up to party hard before my last breath. Anyways, they made sure that I had no regrets.

It’s been almost 2 years since I got married. Life has had its ups and downs. But emotions have just multiplied. When I am happy, my patience increases which allows me to put the energy to care of her feelings which in turn leads to both of us feeling much more happier. When I am having a bad day, I drain her energy which leads to both of us having clashes. So, a happy day becomes happier when she is around and a bad day can get really nasty.

Relationships multiply how you feel. Stop blaming and start taking responsibility!


During this journey to perfection we have had a lot of moments filled with tears, laughter and craziness, and I am glad we are married. Many of our friends have said things like “You both are perfect for each other” Whenever she gets a message like this from someone she comes running to me to share what people say. Although we know that it is not true, it brings a huge smile on our faces.

She likes to call them romantic drives & I like to enjoy driving my Cadillac

When someone says their marriage seems perfect, it implies that marriages are not generally so. I have no idea why that is surprising. I was not perfect before getting married. Neither am I going to be now that I am married. But there is this false notion when someone gets married that it is going to be perfect. To tell you the truth, even If I were to get married again, I am still going to hope the next ones going to be perfect.

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