Fulfillment is what you are looking for…

“If you don’t find your purpose in life, you will be unhappy”

– Every Person I have spoken to!

Some days, the only reason I am feeling low is because I think about this quote. It’s a sad reality of life.

Happiness is when you feel content in the moment. It normally comes in the form of waves like every other emotion.

Nothing is constant and that’s the beauty of it. I just want to reach a place where I have the least number of regrets (aka feeling fulfilled).

I want to feel fulfilled. But it turns out satisfying myself involves satisfying 2 parts of me.

Enter – Baby Today and Baby Tomorrow

I like to imagine there are 2 babies I need to take care.

There is Baby Today and Baby Tomorrow. I need to meet both their needs to feel my best at any particular moment.

I just made this up so, I should probably explain more about these babies.

Baby Today wants immediate fulfillment. He has a great eye for donuts.  This baby’s way of life is YOLO! Whenever you don’t satisfy his urges, he will completely fuck up your day.

“Eat the damn donut man. If you get hit by the bus when you step outside, you will regret not eating it now! Life’s too short for Kale to be your friend”

– Baby Today

Baby Tomorrow is a firm believer of delayed gratification. He wants you to invest for the future. When you see a donut he sees a ticking bomb. He wants you to level up and reach your true potential.

“Eat the damn Kale Chips and live longer”

– Baby Tomorrow

Initially, I felt that both the babies just disliked each other. But now I have started to realize that there are some benefits to keeping both the babies happy!

It wouldn’t be fun to stop eating the donuts. But, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy life longer if I avoid Kale chips.

I agree that the risks are higher with one over the other. But risk in itself is a concept of the future not the present moment.

Baby Tomorrow wants you to level up in life. I know that tomorrow’s baby can be satisfied as long as I put forward baby steps to reach my goals.

The real question is how can we satisfy today’s baby?

When I achieve my goals, Baby Tomorrow will be satisfied. What should that feel like? In the end of the day you are trying to feel a certain way and that is why you are trying to level up in life.

The feeling I want is gratitude. Feeling grateful for having what I have or being what I become. There is power in feeling grateful.

The secret to keeping Baby Today happy is to be grateful for where you are on your journey. I don’t want to take it all for granted.

Having all the five senses, having the ability to put a roof over your head, having a loving family & friends around you. Anyone reading this has enough to be grateful for.


Now, make a plan for accepting where today’s baby has reached, understanding what you might need to do to just go up one step on your million step journey. Because if you don’t enjoy going up one step, I assure you that you will not enjoy the other steps either.

Where you reach was never important but how you feel is. If I want to feel satisfied, I just need to let myself know that I am happy with where I am on this journey and I know where I am going towards.

The method you use to do this might vary but essentially this is what will keep you fulfilled and focussed on the things that matter. And in the end of the day, fulfillment is what you are looking for!

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