How much do you care about your weekends?

What a person does during his “free” time truly defines him.

Every day from Monday to Friday, going through a mundane and stressful job can definitely leave us eagerly waiting for the weekend. Most people take up jobs that they do for survival or due to commitments. Although I wish more people took enough risks to do the jobs that they love doing rather than just as a financial function.

Most of us are waiting for the weekend to start. Everyone seems to be excited about weekends. So, what exactly is happening in a weekend? 

You feel work is just work and you are not really able to do much to fulfill your dreams as you need financial support through a job. I think it’s fair to assume something you want to passionately do will be done in the weekends. Sadly, that is so untrue for the most of us.

Some of the common accomplishments I hear from people are:

“I had to catch up on my sleep”

“I partied all night and slept all morning!”

“I had so much of cleaning up to do”

“Family friends came over”

I admit some of these things are fun and once in a while surely you should be giving these excuses. The problem is most of us say these excuses on most weekends.

I think you can really see how much you value your life here with this simple exercise. Ask them how many hours during the 48 hours of pure free time you have do you really spend on something you really want to do?

The answer is by truly keeping track of what you have accomplished by the time it’s Monday morning and you are rushing to work. I think everyone needs to be able to take time for doing the things that they love. If you cannot do it during weekends, then you have to question whether you really love it.

What a person does during his “free” time truly defines him. You should not be your greatest obstacle to yourself in the end. Just learn to listen to yourself from time to time and slowly miracles will start to happen…

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