The Guy in the Mirror​

I feel the strange presence

every time I walk across my reflection

I feel the presence of the guy in the mirror

standing by my side

glancing at me at the same angle that I am

I felt he was staring at me

It freaked me out

He seemed more real than a mere reflection

Real enough to cause me to sweat

I feel the presence of the guy in the mirror

I don’t know why this was happening

You might be wondering what I am talking about. I am talking about the guy in the mirror who looks at me strangely sometimes. I feel there is something he has to say to me. That I didn’t know of.

But how can a mere reflection of mine have thoughts that are not clear in my own mind? Strange, I guess…

I felt the need to face this strange guy in the mirror. I had to confront him today. This moment is the only moment I could go into it.

I was afraid for some strange reason

There was a tingling feeling of negativity

I stood still in front of my mirror

not knowing this was a mistake then

I was just about to walk away as usual

When suddenly:

What are you looking at?” he asked

I couldn’t believe I was hearing this

I looked at him more carefully

There was a devilish smile

Where did that come from?, I thought

I was looking down and contemplating

while suddenly I felt he was still staring at me

There was an evil look in his eyes

That I couldn’t let go off

I am better than you,” he said

I was stunned and before I could answer

You need me to feel self-worth” he uttered

I thought, why was he saying that

and suddenly he answered like he could read my mind

Whenever you are going to want to make an impression you look towards me. In fact, you need my approval before heading out every day.”

I felt some truth to his statement, I was dumbstruck

“Aren’t you just a mere reflection?” I thought

He immediately cut me down by answering

Are you sure of that?

I stood there in disbelief. I didn’t know how to make this go

I wanted to sincerely prove him wrong.

But strangely I froze

I freeze every time I am unsure

This was just one of those moments

But the vibes he gave me brought chills to my spine

I was sweating…

You sure are not worthy enough of talking to me. At least open your mouth and ask me a damn question. I am getting bored of your company” said the guy in the mirror

I knew that he could read my thoughts. I knew it was hard to win an argument with myself.

What should I do? What do I ask?, I thought…

I closed my eyes almost believing the whole scenario. 

Hoping it would all go away.

I was aware of my breath. I was aware of the presence in front of my closed eyes. I decided to surrender and ask 

“Who are you really?”

He had a villainous smile on his face when he answered

Finally the right question. I am what you fear the most. I am your EG…

Before he could finish his answer I finished his sentence saying out loud “EGO…”


“He has a smirk on his face. “ Now you are at least worthy of talking to me,” said the guy in the mirror.

I didn’t know how to break through yet. But suddenly I realized how BADASS my ego was!! 

During the awkward silence, I thought what a stupid word to come up to address my ego “BADASS”

Suddenly I felt the urge, I couldn’t stop myself

And I started laughing out uncontrollably at the stupidity of the BADASS ego of the guy in the mirror.

You are a funny guy. I guess it’s time for me to leave you to reality. At least that’s what you call what’s out there, right?” said the guy in the mirror, he felt more pleased now.

Suddenly he went back to being just a mere reflection, laughing along with me like nothing ever happened. He was just a mere reflection, what a relief.

Your ego comes at the wrong times in your life. Clouding your judgement. Clouding how you actually feel. It challenges you to do something else. 

What a lesson to learn in the most fearful way. You can think it is real, or it is fiction. But one thing I know is true for sure. That is, the best way to cut through when ego creeps up to you is laughing it off. The best way to break through the ego is laughter. That is truly the best cure.

4 thoughts on “The Guy in the Mirror​

    1. Yes, hopefully next time I will be aware of the fact that it was my ego I talked to from the beginning…

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