What does she really want?

The young lady had just jumped up from bed. She knew she had an amazing day ahead. It was her birthday and she wanted it to be special. She had taken the day off and had planned to have a good time with her friends in the evening.

Since she had a lot of free time and all of her friends and loved ones were busy within their responsibilities of daily life, she didn’t really have much to do in the morning. So, she decided to ponder on how her past year looked like.

She sat with a pen and paper and started writing in bullet points. There were a lot of things that she was not happy with like everyone of us. Also, there were moments of joy too.


She sat quietly looking at her list. Feeling satisfied and at the same time thinking about how she should change her life around in the coming year. She wanted to take up some great habits and challenges and rise above the stars. It was all about, how she wanted to travel the world or how she wanted to be more fit.

There were a few thousand things she wanted to change. But she decided to write the most important three points down.

She scratched her head and decided on the ultimate three things that she should be focussed on.

She felt relieved. She almost felt like she achieved it already just after writing it out.


She realized it was all about change. Change was important and was needed to get there. (you all know where “there” is I assume! Even if you do, let me explain!

There is the place we are constantly trying to reach but never will as that is not success or a particular goal. It is nothing but pure desire itself.)

Fast forward a few hours to the evening and it was time for her to dress up and leave for her birthday dinner with her friends.She looked at her wardrobe and thought, ” I will have to throw away a lot of them after I lose the 20 pounds off!”.

Image result for throw away clothes vector

Finally she reached her favorite restaurant where she had invited her friends. There were a lot of hugs and jokes and fun. She completely forgot about all the things that bothered her a while ago.

She couldn’t even hear her thoughts as it was fun to just be there with those people and  the presence and vibe they gave her.

Finally it was time to head back home.

The young lady was walking back home after an amazing birthday dinner. She was content. She wished with all her heart “I wish every year was like this! I wish not a damn thing changed”.


In our lives we think about changing a lot of things.

You can call it anything you want. Some call it being successful in life while others call it having no regret before you die. 

On the other end of the spectrum, we have thoughts about life just being the way it is. Without any surprises. Just the way we like it. 

Funnily it is the same person who has both of these thoughts!

And we keep thinking why am I not able to do this or that. Maybe I was not destined for greatness and other nonsense.

You may pray to god or have faith or work towards your dream with everything you have got. But if there is no unwavering awareness of what you want, you might just attract the wrong things. 

You may have a lot of dreams. But do you want all of them to come true together. It might actually destroy your life.


It is time to think about it today. Right now. If not now, then there might never be a possibility.



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