Need the wants

Elephants have a lifespan of 8 to 10 years. Circus owners had a major problem with this though. They had to get a return on investment of buying an elephant within these 8 years. Else it was just a loss.

Elephants also found it hard to keep up and also had to maintain good health during their “work”.

Many years later was the real lifespans of elephants discovered. In the wild elephants have made it to about 60 and even 70 years in some cases.

With all the innovative health care that was available, this was getting shortened at an alarming rate. Circus owners were baffled.

The truth is that elephants in the wilderness had one thing going for them better than everything else. It was them being free. Them having the ability to choose between their wants and needs.

This brings us to the main thought in my mind. I am sure the history lesson was not why you are here today.

Elephants got everything they needed in captivity. But needs are not the only thing that they need. I am not sure about human beings though. Elephants wanted to roam when they wanted to. Look at the river when they wanted to. Or just go out on a day where they could just reach out to whatever they wanted. This increased their lifespan. Can you imagine?

Elephants needed something more than security…   Reaching their desires, gave them 50 more years.

And what about you? What about me? We have so many wants but how much of us work on it in a day? There is always some “responsibilities” or “necessities” of the day to focus on. The time we get after is not used to achieve our dreams in most cases.

Everybody has things they want and things they need to do to move on. We focus on what we need to do in most instances. This is true to a certain point.

Without doing the things you need to do like taking a part-time job or taking a job just to support everyone or in some cases not ready to risk losing your job because you have to maintain a certain financial situation.

Then there are wants which all of us know about. We want to complete some passion project we have or we want to study further to advance our career or there is also wanting to do something of entrepreneurial nature.

We can keep blaming our financial situation or the lack of time or how we can’t progress to the next step as it would require you to face situations which might be something you might not be great at doing yet.

Unless you need the want, it won’t come to you. Action needs to be taken towards the thing we absolutely want as well. No one is going to keep asking you to do it. It is up to you and only you….


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