The war between mouth-watering burgers and broccoli.

History has proven to us that the war between mouth-watering burgers and broccoli is an unfair fight.

On one side we have mouth-watering burgers that are the villains of this story. Just like drug dealers, plenty can be found all along the street in the right places.

On the other side, there is this an extremely good character: “broccoli”. Bad at first impressions and always fighting an unfair fight.

When it comes to food, there is a lot of emotions at play. How can you expect to improve food habits when from childhood some foods were considered not tasty while some were considered unhealthy but tasty.

So many tasty options for junk food which is readily available, while healthy food is always expensive and seen as destroying your mood on a lazy day.

We relate every word we hear to an image and an emotion.

Now visualize this scenario. One of your friends goes to a restaurant and orders a simple grilled burger with loads of veggies in and no fries on the side with sparkling water. Immediately, you would think what a loser. We are not sure why though. Because the “right” order is considered to be a double cheeseburger with extra fries with more cheese on top and coke. It can’t be any other way.

It’s not just the social pressure but also financial pressure. For example, If you are on a budget, it’s easier to eat junk or frozen food. If you don’t have enough time, going to the nearest Mcdonalds will give you the fastest meals.

If you just got your bonus and you are going to celebrate by giving a treat to your loved ones in a restaurant, the rule is very simple. Higher the calories, higher the fun,

We need to change how we visualize different foods. It doesn’t help the fact that every day there are more and more restaurants opening up with unhealthy food as their specials.

I am just waiting for the day when broccoli is seen as the good guy again. It is in an unfair fight Broc! I wish people Just kept persisting. So that people will start marketing broccoli more to start restaurants like Broc King or KFB or something. Can you even imagine that?

Well, there is a grey area. Why can’t you try to have a balance between the two? If you are going to eat junk, why can’t you also make it a point to eat something good for you at any other meal of the day? Just because a day started out with a heavy unhealthy meal, it doesn’t mean you can keep eating unhealthy the whole day. It isn’t really like “if you got a parking fine for wrong parking in the morning, you can keep parking that way for the rest of the day”.

Well, the effects of good food take time. So, lets just completely avoid it. Anyway, we will die someday whether you eat healthily or not. Then why not increase the possibility of it by attempting to help oneself?

Little do we know that this mouth-watering great first impressions will eventually lead to eyes tearing up in the long run.

Will this movie have a good ending with broccoli surviving through all this or will broccolis go extinct due to human misjudgement?


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