The rights of the Devil and the Angel

The man got up in the middle of the night sweating profusely. He wanted some water. He got up freaked out. “What was that about,” he thought. A nightmare again! He hadn’t been feeling great mentally for the last week. He had called in sick and was staying at home since it happened. His physical health was getting affected by the mental trauma he felt.

“How long can I keep him insecure and depressed,” thought the devil.

The devil was awake, watching how he progresses. “Right now he doesn’t know yet. But the man was depressed. It is just a matter of time.” thought the devil. The devil knew for sure that the man was in his hands as long as he was in this negative space. The devil knew he was going the “right” direction with his new candidate for depression.

Some may argue that it is not the “right” thing. If “right” is what benefits the devil. Then is it not the right thing he is doing here? 

The angel was awake as well. The angel had big dreams about how the man might come out of it. “Right now, he is in a negative place,” thought the angel. “The man should be happy”. The idea was to understand when he will realize that he can decide when to get out of it. Or that he controlled the trip. “I hope he realizes sooner rather than later that the moment he admits that he is depressed, things will change”.

The truth is that the devil and the angel are only allowed to influence the subconscious of the man. They weren’t allowed to speak it out. Although, it is certain that the man, under the current circumstances, won’t believe it even if he was warned by both appearing in front of him.

The devil’s duty is to make the man feel incomplete by playing with his ego. The angel tried to help by making the man have nightmares every night with the intention of making the man realize that there is far worse out there and if he just opened his eyes, He should be happy to be able to do what he does.

Breathing is a gift. Being able to think is a gift. Being able to be sad is a gift in terms of realizing the contrast of how happiness will feel. This is what the angel felt at least.

Funnily, the man cursed the devil for the nightmares. The man cursed the angels and god for making him feel miserable. The angel felt left out. But being an angel and knowing that the human’s mind works very differently than their own, he felt he was doing the right thing.

The angel is always around us waiting to help in their own ways. Maybe we just don’t understand.

When will we realize?

When will we realize there is positive and negative coexisting in this world. This world isn’t unfair. This is how the world always worked. Anything that was invented by humans had the same ability to be useful and useless, including the thoughts in a mind, including family and friends and loved ones. 






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