Hajime No Ippo: 3 reasons why Ippo made it to Round 5 with Date Eiji

10 wins and a clean record of winning with only knockouts. The match with Date Eiji (Champion at the time) was exhilarating. There was enough reason to believe that this would be his first loss in an official match. Jyoji Morikawa (writer) made sure to keep us guessing till the very end. Ippo really surprised [...]

Know who you are to achieve your maximum potential

If I asked you if today was an awesome day or a bad day, what would you say? If you say you had an "okay" day, you are dodging the question. If the answer is "awesome day", what did you do to make it that way? If the answer is "bad day", what did you do to make it that way? Simply answering this question everyday and changing your actions to make every day awesome is possible.

Why downplay something that you want?

She was just back to meet me for a coffee after an interview. She looked like she really wanted the job. There was this overly excited face expression mixed with a touch of nervousness when she spoke. I knew her for a very long time. I knew that she really wanted the job for some [...]

How to reach the maximum potential within?

Imagine a conversation between 2 people, the bond strengthens in the moment you decide you want to simply spent as much time as you can with the other person. Time is the most valuable resource we have. The moment you are ready to give that up to be with someone, you know that a bond [...]

3 Steps to solve your own complaints

It's easy to complain about something. I am referring to chronic complainers who vent out their complaints to people who do not have any influence on the situation. Almost everybody complains about their work, their school or any other situation they are in. Complaining requires no effort. You can blow off steam and also feel [...]

Intellect’s ability to objectify and add feelings to objects

When you see a child who doesn't know his name, he doesn't have the ability to objectify or use his intellect completely. The ego or the identity part of it is still not completely developed. At least not to the extent of communicating it to others. A child's first ability to objectify comes when he [...]

Why do you wake up in the morning?

You need to have clarity on why you wake up every morning. People do not think about this until they come into a crisis situation. This is a bad time to confront getting clarity in your life. Nonetheless, there will be something in your life which will bring you to question why do you need [...]

Overwhelmed: Aim in your life & take one step towards it

Knowledge is supposed to help us be better human beings. It is supposed to help us understand by observation and experience what direction to take to progress. But, knowledge is only beneficial if you know what you are aiming towards. It is important to have an aim in life. Excessive information is explosive We receive [...]

Quit Procrastinating: 5 Reasons to quit early

These are some of the conversations I have had when I took the decision to quit before having a foolproof plan. "Quit after you have enough savings! Don't jump into situations. " "Why do you want to take the most stressful way out? Why can't you wait for the perfect idea to pop into your [...]

Self Worth: 5 ways to value yourself the right way

One pleasant morning, Mark was off to work, completely confident and happy. There was no reason to not be happy. He had a job he loved and had friends and family he loved very much. He reaches work and found out something that completely killed his self worth. His colleague who started with him had [...]

Helping yourself vs pushing yourself

You have to understand that we have good days and bad days. Even the best people you know have bad days. Demanding yourself to have a perfect day every day of your life is simply absurd. Have you seen or heard of someone who was always at their best on all of their days? If [...]

The choice between emotion & logic

The choice between emotion and logic is a constant one. The heart talks to us through emotions and the brain talks to us through logic. Most of you would agree with "We should listen to what your heart says," isn't it? Strangely, we all secretly want someone to say this to us. It would just [...]

Why am I not paying Attention?

Scene: A boring classroom "Pay Attention to me" said the teacher, staring him down."Sorry Ma'am" said the student, completely losing his train of thought. He was busy making paper planes and now he just lost his attention. Poor guy didn't understand why he has to learn where all the major lakes in India should be [...]

Take a look at your assumptions

Have you ever heard of “Out of the Box” thinking? Everyone must be familiar with this but let's take a deeper look at it. Thinking outside the box generally means creative thinking or thinking from a different perspective. So this is supposed to be out of the box thinking. Your assumptions are the constraints that [...]

The problem with making the right decision

We are without doubt the most comfortable generation. But, we are also the most anxious, depressed and suicidal generation. What is even more disturbing is the fact that people in the so called wealthy communities seem to be doing worse than the average man who is just trying to make a living. You know the [...]